Companies are increasingly in need of executive interim managers at home and abroad. Through the Valtus Alliance with companies in twelve countries, we as Management Factory can also support our clients internationally at any time. Find out more about the Valtus Alliance here and take a look behind the scenes at our partner meeting in Paris 2023.

Strong network

The Valtus Alliance consists of the six companies of the Valtus Group:

  1. Valtus France
  2. Valtus UK in England
  3. Nordic Interim Interim Sweden
  4. Nordic Interim Denmark
  5. Nordic Interim Finland
  6. Management Factory in Austria

and six network partners in Europe, South America and Southeast Asia:

  1. Valpeo in the BENELUX countries
  2. Duke & Kay in Italy
  3. Epunto Interim in Spain
  4. Incepto Interim in Norway
  5. Telos Transition in Brazil, Argentina and Colombia
  6. Radialis in Singapore

With over 700 mandates per year, the Valtus Alliance is not only by far the largest executive interim provider in Europe, but we are also increasingly offering our services globally. In recent years, we have been able to provide interim managers for clients in over 50 countries.

While the turnover of the Valtus Alliance companies has doubled since 2019, the cross-border business has grown by a factor of four. The reasons for this strong national and international growth can be found on both the demand and supply side. In volatile times, it is becoming increasingly difficult for companies to find good managers. C-level candidates are being sought for longer and longer, and many experienced managers no longer want to accept a permanent position.

Valtus Alliance meeting in Paris

In order to meet the increasing demand for interim management and further expand the Group’s international business, the partners of the twelve Valtus Alliance companies met in Paris in November 2023. The following topics were discussed:

  1. MARKET: The global executive interim management market, currently worth around EUR 8 billion, is growing by 10-15 percent annually. The demand for top managers who can be deployed at short notice will continue to rise.
  2. DISTRIBUTION: The Valtus Alliance will implement a global key account management system to provide even better support to international companies and private equity funds.
  3. RESTRUCTURING: The Valtus Alliance will establish a European network of restructuring managers in order to manage cross-border turnarounds with the usual quality.
  4. ESG: Valtus was awarded platinum in the EcoVadis CSR ranking (top 1 percent).
  5. LEARNING: The Valtus Academy is launched.
  6. OPERATIONAL EXCELLENCE: The Valtus Alliance partners exchange numerous examples of best practice in Paris in order to further improve all services in terms of quality and speed.
  7. GROWING TOGETHER: The Valtus Alliance partners want to continue to grow together operationally and under company law over the next few years.
  8. OUR SLOGAN: Moving Business Forward. Fast!
  9. OUR VALUES: Dare, Care, Share. We are bold, we care about our clients, our employees and our interim managers – and we share our knowledge and our networks.
  10. OUR MISSION: We unleash human magic to help people and businesses reach their full potential.

Guest lecture on polarization in society and the economy

The Valtus Alliance meeting in Paris also featured an exciting guest lecture by Bruno Stagno Ugarte, Chief Advocacy Officer of Human Rights Watch and former Foreign Minister and UN Ambassador of Costa Rica. Under the title “The End of Convergence and the Coming Divergence in the World”, he shed light on the current global challenges and the causes of increasing polarization in politics, business and the media. According to Ugarte, after the relatively stable world order during the Cold War, we now find ourselves in an unstable multipolar world with a successively increasing number of armed conflicts and refugees. Ironically, from the guest speaker’s point of view, big business is currently the most relevant global force for rapprochement and integration:

The presentation kept the Valtus Alliance partners busy throughout the evening. On the one hand, critical developments were addressed that give cause for concern, especially since cross-border cooperation is useful and necessary for many reasons. The Valtus Alliance partners agreed that they wanted to strengthen international cooperation based on trust: The expansion of the Valtus Alliance should make a contribution, albeit a small one, to achieving this goal. Over the next few years, the plan is to continue to grow in Europe, the USA, the Middle East and Asia and to work together even more closely across borders.

At the end of the three-day partner meeting in Paris, prizes were awarded for cross-border success stories: Best Inbound and Best Outboud Provider, Best International Key Account Management, “Super Booster of the Year” and Best Overall Contribution to Cross Border Business. Management Factory won in the “Super Booster of the Year” category (Best Newcomer in Allianz):

Tom Forrest von Valtus UK, Wim de Mulder von Valpeo, Aymeric Bas, Yves Megret und Claudie Hamerstehl von Valtus France, Niklas Björkmann von Nordic Interim sowie Martin Pfeffer, Thomas Tschol und Christian Kniescheck von der Management Factory.
Tom Forrest from Valtus UK, Wim de Mulder from Valpeo, Aymeric Bas, Yves Megret and Claudie Hamerstehl from Valtus France, Niklas Björkmann from Nordic Interim and Martin Pfeffer, Thomas Tschol and Christian Kniescheck from Management Factory.