Interim Supply Chain Manager

The Supply Chain Manager holds a very important role in product companies.

An interim Supply Chain Manager is very helpful when a business is facing a change, internationalization, closure, a vacancy or when you lack the right competence. An Interim Manager can start immediately and brings experience, a confident leadership, and the ability to implement the decided actions.

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We have the strongest network of Interim Supply Chain Managers.

Our interim Supply Chain Managers have at least 15 years of experience in operationally successful change processes from different companies and industries, usually in an international context. Deep expertise in Supply Chain, from the flow of goods from purchasing, manufacturing, operations, and logistics. All of our Interim Managers are verified good leaders with the habit of dealing with emergency situations where it is necessary to deliver results from the first day. 

Why choose to engage an Interim Supply Chain Manager?

An interim is a safe and cost-effective choice when your business is facing a change, integration or other situations when you need to review purchasing, logistics or the flow of goods. An interim Supply Chain Manager can also step in and support the existing team in a specific project or sub-part. If you have a vacancy, you will reach fast results and implement changes during the time you recruit a permanent SCM.

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When do you need an Interim Supply Chain Manager?

  • In the event of a transformation 
  • In case of integrations 
  • In order to implement structures and processes 
  • In case of anxiety/lack of leadership 
  • If there is a need for support in specific projects 
  • In the event of a vacancy or sick leave 
  • In case of problems with delivery reliability and/or quality 

Quality, power, and commitment

Since 2001 Management Factory has established qualified and global interim operations with a focus on quality, skills, and implementation. We offer Executive Interim Management solutions to critical and complex business challenges. 

In addition to a global network of Executive Interim Professionals we can, with our own experience from industry and commerce, contribute with advice and knowledge throughout the entire process, from analysis and strategy to execution, evaluation, and follow-up.