Executive Interim Management

Moving business forward with Executive Interim Management

An Interim Manager is an excellent solution when your business is facing a critical challenge. An Interim Manager is no administrator simply filling a temporary vacancy. He/she takes an operational responsibility and delivers in line with the purpose, goal, and requirements of the assignment. This could be roles such as CEO, CFO, HR Director, IT Director/CIO, Supply Chain Manager , or a qualified functional specialist or project manager. 

Companies may face special challenges (growth, restructuring) or may be looking for a short-term solution to fill a vacancy. 

Our Services

Interim Management can fill a vacancy or help your business transform or expand in the right direction.

We find the solution

We solve your headache – a leader who has done it all before many times. This requires experience of what works, and what does not work, and how to lead an organization through a change. We know what skills, experiences, and leadership styles will solve your problem.

Our Company

A global network of Interim Managers

Together with leading Interim Management providers all over the world, we work across borders to solve complex and critical challenges for our clients.

About Valtus Group

Offices in 6 countries

  • 20 years in the industry with own offices in Austria, France, UK, Sweden, Finland and Denmark.
  • A global reach in over 15 countries
  • Over 850 assignments carried out each year within the group
  • Tailored solutions and a personal touch to each client need
  • Confidentiality and ethics at the highest standard

About us

Executive Interim Management is the best of two worlds

In today’s intense corporate climate, you need to have a flexible organization able to react quickly and efficiently to changes, threats and possibilities. But what do you do when there is no time to recruit, or if a traditional management consultant is too expensive? The solution for a ever-increasing number of organizations – both in the private and public sector – is Executive Interim Management. With short notice a qualified leader or specialist enters the organization and takes operational responsibility with full focus on the assignment. You get the leadership, analysis, the strategy, and the implementation.

About Interim Management

Interim Management is the best from executive search and consulting.