Our Services

Management Factory offers tailor-made solutions for critical situations

When a critical role needs to be filled when a function or process needs to be improved when a company needs to grow or be transformed to meet a new competitive landscape. Or in times of financial crises and when a turnaround needs to be made. We have an extensive network of verified leaders within all services and roles.

Our services are divided into four groups: Restructuring, Executive Interim Management, Interim Management, and Program & Project Management.

We have an extensive network of verified leaders in all positions and roles.

Interim Management is the best of two worlds

In today’s intense corporate climate, you need to have a flexible organization that is able to react quickly and efficiently to change, threats, and possibilities. But what do you do when there is no time to recruit or space for a traditional management consultant? The solution for an ever-increasing number – both in the private and public sectors – is Executive Interim Management. With short notice, a qualified Interim Manager can enter the organization.

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