Gruppbild på medarbetarna
Gruppbild på medarbetarna

Since its inception in 2004, Nordic Interim Executive Solutions has developed into the leading Nordic company in Interim Executive Management. The company was founded by Janeric Peterson, Novare Human Capital and Odgers Berndtson. In 2013, Nordic Interim Finland was founded.

On December 4th the European leader in Interim Executive Management, France-based Valtus Group acquired a majority stake in Nordic Interim. Together, the companies will take the lead in developing superior solutions for their customers and offer the most challenging and interesting assignments for their Executive Interim network. The plan is to establish themselves as an international leader in Executive Interim Management. From the start, the new company has a turnover of SEK 700 million per year. Partners in Nordic Interim will become part of the management of the combined international operations.

– More and more companies see the value of hiring experienced leaders for interim projects to accelerate and strengthen the implementation of change projects. We are currently involved in turnarounds, reconstructions, transformations and other major change initiatives in growth and cost-reduction programs. With new international majority owners, we can do all of this on a completely different scale, says Björn Henriksson, CEO of Nordic Interim.

– Nordic Interim combines market-leading quality with growth and innovation, says Philippe Soullier, CEO and founder of Valtus Group. We have collaborated with Nordic Interim for several years and have been deeply impressed by the company’s employees and work. This is an important part of our journey to becoming an international leader in Executive Interim Management and with a market-leading position in the Nordic region, we are taking an important step towards that goal.

Valtus Group was founded in 2001 and is Europe’s leading firm in Executive Interim Management. Since February 2020, the company has received financing from its owners GENEO Capital Entrepreneur and Société Générale Capital Partenaires for its international growth journey.