Interim HR Manager

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Leading reorganizations, expanding internationally, or recruiting the right skills are areas where HR plays an increasingly important role. An interim HR Manager can start immediately and deliver results from day one, bringing with him/her experience, confident leadership, and the ability to implement the needed changes. Our interim HR Managers have at least 20 years of experience in operationally successful management teams and change management from different companies and industries, usually in an international context. Having a solid experience in organizational change and improvement work together with very good leadership skills is a requirement we have on the interim HR Managers we work with.

The interim HR managers that we work with, have at least 20 years of experience from various companies and industries, usually in an international context.

Why choose to engage an interim HR Manager?

An interim HR Manager is a safe and cost-effective choice when your business is facing a growth trip or a reorganization, or when you need to fill a vacancy. An interim HR Manager can also step in and support existing management in a specific project or module.

By engaging an interim HR Manager, your business in a short time achieves rapid results in the form of implemented sustainable changes or as support during the time you recruit a permanent HR Manager.

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The HR function has gone from being an administrative function to becoming a business-critical function with a place in the management team.

We are there all the way

We help you analyze your situation and your needs and then identify the best available candidates available on the market. During the mission, we work closely with both clients and the Interim Executive to ensure a successful and sustainable process of change.

When to hire an interim HR Manager?

  • In the event of a reorganization
  • When performing an integration
  • In case of growth, cutbacks, or closures
  • In case of business concerns/lack of leadership
  • If there is a need for support in specific projects
  • In the event of a vacancy or sick leave

What roles can an interim HR Manager fill?

Depending on the complexity of the assignment and the size of the company, an interim HR Manager can also go into roles such as:

  • Interim CHRO
  • Interim HR BP
  • Project Manager

Quality, power and commitment

Management Factor has been supporting clients from a winde range of industries with interim management since 2001. As market leader, we stand for the highest quality of our services, both professional commitment and realisation strength. We offer Interim Management and Executive Interim Management solutions to critical and complex business challenges.