The Client:

The Fischer Group is an internationally active sporting goods group with the companies “Fischer Sports” as well as “Löffler”. Until 3 years ago, the group held a 47.5% share in the internationally active aircraft parts manufacturer FACC (Fischer Advanced Composites Components) and a 100% share in the automotive supplier FCT (Fischer Composite Technologies). In fiscal year 2010/11, the Fischer Group generated consolidated sales of approximately EUR 190 million and has approximately 2,000 employees.

The Project (Rent-a-CRO):

In the course of 2007, the Fischer Group slid into a crisis that threatened its existence: lack of snowfall affected the Fischer and Löffler divisions, FACC could hardly finance the upcoming sales growth and FCT, as a start-up company, was not yet able to generate positive results. Management Factory assumed the management position in the holding company from September 2007, and Management Factory also provided the head of group controlling and the head of group accounting for a number of years. In the years from 2007 to 2011, the FACC and FCT shareholdings were sold to strategic interested parties, thus strengthening equity. In addition, Fischer Sports was financially stabilized and subsequently subjected to a tight restructuring project, which resulted in reduced sales and positive earnings.


  • Corporate crisis averted, all Group units generate positive POA again.
  • Solid equity base of the Group.
  • Sustainable renewal of the management team.