Interim ESG Manager

Why companies should invest in more sustainability now

Our world is changing and confronts us with a wide variety of crises. One of these is the climate crisis, which is forcing us to live and do business more sustainably in many areas. In this sense, however, the term sustainability extends far beyond climate and environmental protection to include social issues and governance. In this context, the term ESG is increasingly coming into focus. But what does it mean and why should companies of all sizes address ESG sooner rather than later?

Bli en Executive Interim hos Nordic interim.

It should be clear to companies that if they fail to meet ESG criteria, or meet them only inadequately, they can no longer be economically successful in the long term.

Why choose to engage an interim ESG Manager?

If your company has so far only dealt with the topic of ESG to a limited extent, reporting standards such as GRI, SASB, TCFD or DNK provide an important first indication of which topics and criteria are crucial. They show where there is a need for action. Interim ESG Managers bring the necessary expert knowledge for the individual subareas – for example, when it comes to climate protection, CO2 reduction or human rights. They are familiar with the most important reports in order to subsequently identify the weak points and risks of your company – but also to recognize where your company is already well positioned.

An interim ESG Manager…

  • Records the status quo in the relevant areas: Where does the company stand, where are the biggest negative impacts and risks, what is already going very well? 
  • Carries out a needs analysis: The concrete demands on the company from stakeholders and investors are investigated. 
  • Conducts a gap analysis to see where concrete action is needed to meet these needs. 
  • Prepares sustainability reports as well as CO2 reports (Scope 1-3) and assists in the analysis and definition of the necessary measures 
  • Focuses on the future viability of the company 
  • Subsequently sets strategic cornerstones and defines concrete goals 
  • Supports the establishment of an internal CSR team for the sustainable implementation of the strategy 
  • Helps position your company in the competitive environment 
  • Connects CSR with the brand, supports communication

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