Our Valtus Alliance’s Italian partner Duke & Kay has found their niche in leading successful transformations.

Duke & Kay is a company specialized in solving critical business problems and leading complex transformation projects for PE-owned companies. Working together with almost all the European PE-companies with business in Italy, they are one of the major players in the country.

“Our business model is to take full responsibility and share the risk for the outcome of the transformation programmes. Our compensation, apart from a fair monthly retainer fee, is based on quarterly success fees, which means that we align our remuneration with the customer’s expectations, moreover, we are not allowed to ask for the success fee if we do not achieve the agreed target ”, says General Manager Maurizio Ria.

The magic lies in putting together the right team of interim leaders on C-level, having both board- and management team positions. With full mandate they drive the transformation with a team of C-level Interim Executives, having both management team- and board roles.

Maurizio Ria explains that the Interim Executives are evaluated according to tough criteria and in-depth psychological profiling: “We have 52 industry experts with “battle-field” experience and specific operational management expertise, intervening in close cooperation with the incumbent management and a network of 3.000 experienced senior-level professionals with proven track records in handling complex business situations that require rapid transformation. Our teams are composed and assessed according to the client’s specific needs of industry and issue knowledge.”

Working together with stakeholders and partners, such as loan-givers, shareholders and law firms, is needed to set the objectives for negotiating terms and conditions for the transformations: “With the assurance that they will get paid in, let’s say 3 years, the lenders and stakeholders are happy, and the company will be in good/better shape.”, says Maurizio.